Sara Huxley-Edwards is a UK based artist and designer.

Huxley-Edwards graduated from Birmingham Polytechnic in 1986 with a BA(hons) in Fashion and Textiles and gained a PGCE from Manchester Polytechnic in 1989. After a teaching career as head of department at a college in Birmingham and an examiner for Edexcel exam board, she became a full time professional artist in 2005.

Huxley-Edwards exhibits at Galleries in the U.K. and Sweden and has shown at Art in Action, Oxford and the Affordable Art Fairs, London.

"My work is primarily concerned with colour and texture. I produce paintings and collages, often large scale and
predominantly in mixed media which I enjoy experimenting with, building up layers then taking most of them out again.

Recent work has explored the themes of Food and Dining. I'm interested in the shapes and patterns that the receptacles provide and the colours and textures of the food and drink, the different angles of the ellipses representing the movement of time.

My collages based on the above theme are created by ripping and cutting painted newspaper. I want the pieces to have a clean minimalist feel. I'm interested in stripping the subject back to it's most basic elements, the negative spaces being as important as the positive."